Before Trimming Your Trees

Before deciding to trim your trees, examine them carefully, taking note of any damaged or diseased branches. To trim a tree simply means to remove parts of the tree that are dead, dying, diseased or broken, with the objective of keeping it healthy and maintaining its natural shape. After speaking with Tree Services of Chino Hills, we have a lot of great advice to share with you.

Primarily this article is intended for novice do-it-yourself homeowners who own small trees around their homes; however there are also tips here that may interest professional arborists as well.

This informative guide will not only teach you how to prune trees but will show you which tools you need (and don’t need) to carry out the task successfully.

The first thing you should know about pruning is that anytime you make an inc towards the interior part of a tree it creates a wound and the tree will respond by producing chemicals to close that wound.

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